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Ginseng for Arthritis

Arthritis is a disease of the bones and can cripple a person for an entire lifetime. The exact cause for arthritis remains a mystery even to this day. Even the treatment for arthritis has not been outlined clearly by modern medicine. Surprisingly, ancient forms of medicine that use natural products from nature have an answer for the treatment of arthritis.

The use of the herbal root ginseng, especially the Korean variety is known to be effective in the prevention of treatment of arthritis. Prevention of arthritis involves regular cleansing of the body to eliminate toxins and arthritis causing bacteria form the body. A healthy body is a shield against diseases.

Treatment of arthritis is not just about relieving pain during the painful episodes of arthritis. To treat the disease completely, the root cause of the disease must be identified and treated. Going by ancient forms of healing, the body has the natural ability to heal itself. The ginsenosides present in Korean Ginseng have pharmacologic activities that help the body to cleanse itself and rejuvenate itself gradually. Ginseng tea is relaxing and helps ease out the uneasiness caused by arthritis.


In 1969, at the age of 59, I developed arthritis throughout my entire body. I physically deteriorated so quickly that I had to retire in 1970. Doctors diagnosed my condition as the Rheumatoid type, for which there is no cure, only treatment to ease the pain. I was buying anything and everything that was advertised for arthritis or that I heard about from friends and acquaintances.

About a year ago an infection developed my shoulder and I was treated at the University Hospital. Then I went to the VA Hospital in Dayton, where the doctors kept me for two weeks. The infection was cleared up, but soon an unbearably painful arthritis developed in my right shoulder. Even though the doctors gave me heavy medication to ease the pain, it was so severe at times it brought tears to my eyes.

I was in this condition until learnt about ILHWA through a friend who also has a severe case of arthritis. I immediately started taking ginseng tea two and three times a day. From the first day I noticed a lessening of the pain; within a week I thanked ILWHA for selling me the tea. The pain left me as if in a dream, but the stiffness remained. However, after taking the tea for over two and a half months even the stiffness is lessening.

Before I started drinking ginseng tea I could not even button my shirts. Not only am I able to do this, but I can also do other things that were previously impossible. I feel great and have much more energy.

I have faith that someday soon I will be completely free of symptoms of arthritis.

I wish I could tell all the people who are suffering from arthritis to try ginseng tea and experience the results for themselves. Friends I have told about it are getting very good results and are glad that I recommended it to them.


S. C.

Columbus, Ohio


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