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Ginseng for Cold Sores

Cold sores are caused for HPV virus and if left untreated, they may regularly appear in and around the mouth. For some people cold sores become painful and come in the way of performing daily functions. Treatment of cold sores may include skin creams, ointments and some anti biotic pills. But such treatments just help get rid of cold sores temporarily. Also, frequent use of antibiotics destroys good bacteria along with other bacteria, triggering digestive problems in the person.

For safe and permanent treatment of cold sores, resort to herbal remedies. Viral infections and digestive problems and common cold can trigger cold sores. Cold sores can be effectively treated by use of Korean ginseng. The herb helps cleans the body and gradually rids the body from virus triggering the outbreak of cold sores. Unlike antibiotics, ginseng does not cause digestive problems. In fact, it promotes digestive health. Ginseng is thus a safe and effective remedy for those ugly cold sores.


Since I was 22 years old, my fingers and arms from the elbows down have been numb. This seemed to happen overnight and I woke up with no feeling in my hands. I am now 42 years old and since 1970 I have had an infection in my fingers that has also become a problem in my legs and toes. After 2 weeks of tests at the University Hospital, there was no real diagnosis reached, they just said that I had some kind of nerve disorder. One of my fingers was amputated in 1970, and more infection set in after that. From my knees down and my elbows down I have had no feeling for over 10 years. Most of my hair fell out as the infection grew and my toe has deteriorated in the past 3 years to the point of amputation.

I started using ginseng tea in February this year, and as I use the tea the feeling is coming back in my limbs. My nerves seem to be much better and my hair has grown back where it had fallen out before. After using three bottles of tea, I had X-Rays taken of my feet and even my doctor couldn't believe the improvement. My bones and tissue were actually growing back and I no longer need an amputation. I had stopped using the ginseng just prior to my check-up but when I heard the results I could only think of the tea and knew that it had done more than I first had realized. So now I am continuing with it. My fingers had lost all feeling and circulation but now I can feel pain as my system is being healed. It is hard to get used to pain when you haven't felt anything for so many years but I guess that is all part of healing. I rest much better at night now and it seems that I must have blood clots in my legs because I notice lumps that have been there for a long time are dissolving away. It is doing many things for me that at first I wasn't aware of. But there is definitely much improvement for me and I want to continue using ginseng and see how much better I can get.

Thank you and God bless you.
Rosie Lee Martin
Columbus, Ohio


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