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Ginseng for Gout

Gout occurs due to elevated levels of uric acid in the bloodstream. If left untreated, uric crystals form in the body that accumulates in the joints leading to joint destruction. It also leads to the formation of kidney stones, hampering proper functioning of the kidney. Unhealthy eating habits, high blood pressure and disturbed protein metabolism are the chief causes of gout. Since the disease is caused due to varied reasons, a multi-level medication may be required to treat different factors causing gout. However certain herbal remedies can completely cure all its symptoms by tackling all causative factors. Korean ginseng is known to be a very effective herb in treating gout.

Korean ginseng is an excellent rejuvenator of the digestive system. It stimulates proper absorption of food and elimination of toxic waste from the body. Ginseng is an effective blood cleanser. It purifies the blood, helps in maximum absorption of oxygen and nutrients by blood and enhances blood circulation in the body. Ginseng is an excellent anti inflammatory herb and relives signs of inflation in the body. These properties of ginseng effectively treat all the possible causes of gout and in addition give the body the much needed strength and relaxation required to rejuvenate the patient form the fatigue caused by gout.


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