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Ginseng for PMS

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) is a combination of physical and psychological symptoms. Common symptoms include irritability, hives, mood swings, oversensitivity, tenderness of breasts and uneasiness in the stomach. Relaxation and stamina is what the body needs most. Most women have the habit of popping pills to relive PMS symptoms. But regular use of pills is not a good practice. Instead herbal medicines can be used to combat PMS problems.

Ginseng is an effective herbal treatment for PMS. It helps cope with the physical and mental strain caused by PMS. Ginseng being an adaptogen helps the body in adapting to the changes in the body before menstruation. Ginseng intake stimulates blood flow, helps in optimum absorption of nutrients and gives the much needed energy to the body before menstruation. Ginseng also gives great relaxation to the body, which helps relive the emotional symptoms caused by PMS.


I have suffered with chronic hives for two years. For nine months, the only relief I had from the itchy burning rash was drowsy and reduced my productivity. Recently, I began a regimen of Korean ginseng, Aloe Vera juice and DC-1, all of which I purchased at ILHWA & Co. Within 10 days, the widespread skin eruptions were limited to small patches on my legs and neck. The hives that remain are literally drying up. For the first time in months, I have stopped taking the antihistamines.
Ginseng has restored my energy levels and improved my appetite. I prefer raw fruits and vegetables to the large amounts of starch and sugar I used to eat. I can feel the soothing effects of Aloe Vera juice on the hives as I drink it before each meal. The DC-1 has given me regularity that I have never known. I don't know what caused the hives, but I am sure the only way I'll ever get rid of them is through regular elimination of the waste in my system.
My new diet has done more than clear up the hives; it has alleviated the premenstrual cramps, headaches and bloated feeling which I was experiencing monthly.
I am relieved that I have been able to correct this minor but annoying problem before it developed into something more serious. More importantly, with my health renewed, I look forward to having the vitality to one day manage both a career and family.

Linda F. McHenry


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