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Ginseng for Psoriasis

Ugly red spots and flaky skin are typical symptoms of psoriasis. But  psoriasis has more to it than just bad looks. It is characterized by  constant itchiness and a feeling of discomfort. Most people suffer from  psoriasis for years without getting a permanent solution for the  disorder.

Topical application of ginseng on psoriasis skin gradually relives  the problem of psoriasis. However this may just solve the problem  temporarily. But ginseng consumption cures the problem completely over  time. Ginseng intake helps eliminate toxins leaving behind a glowing  and healthy looking skin that is free from psoriasis infections on the  skin.


I have had psoriasis for four years and it had spread to my back,  buttocks, legs and even my face. My scalp was covered with scales and  itched something terrible. Because I had scratched so much and so hard, I had sores all over my head which were bleeding and painful.

I went to doctor after doctor and the salves they prescribed to stop  the itching didn't help that much. I have been given shots which  actually made it worse. In fact the bleeding was so bad that I had to  change my undergarments about four times a day. Although the doctors  told me there was no cure, just control, it kept spreading. I was at my  wit‚Ä™s end and wanted to die. I prayed to God to lay His hand on me and  heal this terrible disease.

Then, one evening I read in a book to use better nutrition for  psoriasis. The next day I headed for ILHWA & Co. Health Food  store.¬  They explained how, if I followed your internal cleansing and  nutritional support program, I could improve my health. Never before  has anyone said this to me. You gave me hope.

Now that I have stayed on the program for about two months all that  is left of the psoriasis is a light pink discoloration of the skin  where the psoriasis had spread. The bleeding, flaking and discomfort  are all gone. I now know that in a short time my skin will be clear all over my body. I am so grateful for the pictures you took every two  weeks so that I could actually see my progress as I continued to  improve.

I truly believe that God sent me to you, ILHWA.¬  Following your  internal cleansing and nutritional support program is not only removing the psoriasis from my body, but as an additional plus, I am losing  weight, too. I feel wonderful now and with my increased energy I feel I am living again.

I cannot thank you enough for this miracle, ILHWA Thank you, thank you!


Geraldine Luebcke


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