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100% Ginseng Extract

100% Pure Ginseng Extract

30 gram bottle


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GinST-15 High Absorption Ginseng

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GinST-15 High Absorption Elixir


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100% Ginseng Extract

100% Pure Ginseng Extract

100% Red Ginseng Extract

100% Red Ginseng Extract 30g

100% White Ginseng Capsules

White Ginseng

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  • Concentrated Ginseng Tea

Suggested Use
Put one spoonful of this concentrated ginseng tea into a cup of hot water. Add sugar or honey to taste. Stir well.

Other Ingredients
100% ginseng extract

Keep in a cool place.

WORLD’S #1 IL HWA GINSENG TEA 100% EXTRACT minimum 13% Ginsenosides

Ilhwa Ginseng Extract creates a tea that will truly improve your health and strengthen your vigor and immunity.  There are 100's of thousands of people worldwide who say Ilhwa Ginseng extract is one of the main reasons they are so healthy.   Many have overcome serious health challenges.

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Il Hwa is the Best!

After drinking this, it's like there's no other ginseng.


by Reviewer2002420

Really effective!

It is so concentrated-you feel the strengthening in your body very quickly. I've been taking it for years. It's best to take during change of seasons-like now as winter turns to spring, and in the fall.


by Reviewer2662495

Excellent performance in a non-capsule formula -Ilhwa Ginseng Extract!

This stuff will make you feel and perform like you are a young buck again. I like to cycle it with a few days off every 5 to 7 days


by Reviewer2920020

By Far The Best I've Ever Had!

You may think it's a little pricey for a small bottle, but it's in a league of its own. One micro-spoon gives you several times the ginseng power to be had in three or four teabags of the others. One bottle lasts me two or three months drinking it every day. Be careful -- it'll take you places you may not have been since the sixties!


by Reviewer1409266

Very good Quality!

Highly recommend - very good quality! It is effective for energy.


by Reviewer2164014


This ginseng is top notch. Love its slightly bitter taste and energizing effects. Highly recommend.


by Reviewer3259873

Excellent Product - ILHWA Ginseng Extract

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ILHWA has been perfecting the process of creating the world’s most efficacious ginseng for over 40 years.  Ilhwa became the world leader in Ginseng Science through establishing a scientific research center in 1981.  The premium grade ILHWA White Ginseng Extract is a 100% extract of undiluted ginseng produced via a low degree vacuum concentrating process, using only high quality Korea White ginseng as its raw material. Ilhwa Ginseng extract has 3 to 4 times the ginsenoside content compared to other ginsengs. 


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