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6 Liquid Capsules
(480mg x 6 liquid capsules)
Retail Price: $8.50



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30 Liquid Capsules
(480mg x 30 liquid capsules)
Retail Price: $34.50



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“GinST15-4® is a breakthrough technology using enzyme fermentation to produce a completely balanced ginseng extract in its end-stage metabolite form,” said Gregg Noll, President of Ilhwa North America.  “Human clinical studies have proven that it provides 15 times higher absorption, four times faster absorption and five times more consistent absorption.”

1 Liquid Capsule per serving

Each vegan liquid capsule has our patented high absorption metabolized fermented ginseng. We also include high quality Borage Oil and Pumpkin Seed Oil in each liquid cap.

The liquid capsule can be separated individually from the 10 pack to take with you or to share with others. The GinST 15 liquid capsules are remarkably safe and non toxic. When your stress levels are high, additional liquid capsules can be taken. GinST 15 supports your body to achieve homeostatic balance where you experience smooth energy and mental clarity, and also deep restorative sleep when taken just before bed.

Suggested Use
Take 1 or more liquid capsules per day. Swallow with water, preferably on an empty stomach. Best taken in the AM upon waking and/or before bed. Can be taken during the day as needed. FOR DAILY USE

Supplement Fact

Serving Size: 1 Liquid Capsule 480 mg
Fermented Korean Panax Ginseng Extract:  96 mg per serving

Other Ingredients
Pumpkin seed oil, borage oil, purified palm oil, rice bran wax, d-a-tocopherol, sucrose fatty acid ester, capsule (carrageenan, glycerin, modified starch)

Vegan, non GMO, and no preservatives

GS15-4 Enzyme Fermented whole root ginseng extract, unpeeled, no stems or leaves used. - Patent Pending


by MilanVacekCZ

Claims to be many times more effective than regular ginseng, I like that!

Hi Tech Standardized and concentrated Ginseng in a small easy to swallow gelcap!


by Reviewer2615848

The best Ginseng

I have been a long time user of Ilhwa Ginseng - it's simply the best around.


by 5610358912638700523

Power by the Hour

Everyone in our family loves this product. My wife says she feels a definite difference in energy level with and without it. Our son (19) also says he feels more energy when using it and his acne has clearly been improved since he started using it.


by 5086316974395513115

Did try it, love it!

I give this product a try and i love it. You can feel it's effect after just few day's. I felt more energetic and vital in mornings. I highly recomend this Ginseng to others!

This 21st century ginseng helps you achieve a completely -Balanced Energy* - Manage Stress Remarkably* - Improves Your Sleep* - Supports Hormone Balance* - Blood Sugar Balance* - Improved Virility and Sexual Function* - many more benefits

How is all this possible? 

The key is the optimum extract of Ginseng and then through a patented enzyme fermentation process  create the metabolite form of the extract which has a 15 times increased absorption and 4 times faster absorption.


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